Ballymena Driving Test

The Driving Test

Driving Tests are controlled by the Driver Vehicle Agency (DVA) of Northern Ireland, which is linked to the Driving Standards Agency.  All are Government bodies.  Driving Examiners are trained and appointed by the DVA.  They are subject to regular assessments and checking to ensure standards are kept to.
The driving test has two parts:
1. A theory test which has two sections.  The first is a multiple choice question paper with 50 questions.  It is necessary to score 43 or higher to pass.  The second part is the Hazard Perception Test.  This consists of 14 video clips covering a variety of road situations with 15 developing hazards.  44 points or higher out of the possible 75 must be scored to pass.
2. A practical Driving Test which lasts usually between 30 and 40 minutes and covers driving on a wide variety of roads and selected manoeuvres.  Up to 15 driving or minor faults are allowed.  No serious or dangerous faults are allowed.
The practical driving test will include an eyesight check and two safety questions on aspects of car maintenance.  It will also include an emergency stop plus one selected manoeuvre.  This will be taken from:  Turn in the road, reversing into a side road, parallel parking and bay parking.
Both tests can be taken in Ballymena.  The Theory Test centre is adjacent to the Fairhill Shopping Centre.  Practical Tests are taken from the DVA MOT and Test Centre in Pennybridge Industrial Estate.
Ballymena North will train students to pass both parts.
1.  Theory Test
20 Sample Theory test papers are available giving up to 1,000 questions.  Students can use these initially to revise and later as practise tests to check whether they have reached the required standard.  Marking is usually done outside the lesson times to maximise driving time for students.
CD/DVDs with the hazard perception video clips are available for loan.  Tuition will be given as necessary to train students to spot the developing hazards.
2. Practical Driving Test
Full driver training is given covering all the standard driving lessons as laid down.  All the safety questions are taught.  All the necessary manoeuvres will be taught.  Students can be given mock tests to prepare them for the actual driving test.  As much driving as practicable will be done in the areas used on the actual driving tests.  This helps students become familiar with the roads they could be driving on their test.
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