Driving Lesson Offers

Buy One get One FREE

Our welcome offer for new driving students is simple. Buy One hour, get one FREE. This gives the student time to get accustomed to the instructore, the vehicle and the controls. 

5hr Introductory Package £88

Whether you are a beginner or just coming back to driving, the first lesson will be 2 hours to give you chance to get to know the car,  your instructor and make real progress.  The introductory offer means you get a 2 hour lesson plus two follow on 90 minute lessons for just £88.

Free Theory Tuition

You will be given sample papers of 50 multiple choice questions based on the actual real exam.  You will be coached to improve your scores.  Hazard Perception DVDs are available for home practise and again coaching will be given to improve your scores.

Free Mock Practical Test

To prepare you for the real practical test, you will be given a mock practical test.  Test routes will be followed and manoeuvres will be done just like in the actual test.  Where possible another teacher will give the test with your own instructor present in the back of the car.  Areas will be identified where improvement is needed.  There is no extra charge for this over the usual lesson rate.

Discount for longer lessons

The old, traditional way of teaching is 60 minute lessons.  These can cause problems in giving enough practice time and when approaching the test keeping all the required manoeuvres up to standard.  Lessons of 90 minutes, or longer, are more effective and give plenty of practice time to help students drive fluently.  They are simply a more efficient way of learning.  To make these more affordable and even better value a discount is being given when students take this option.
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